Horror Injuries Of Cat Severely Burned By Thug With Blowtorch

These grisly clips show the shocking injuries sustained by a helpless cat that was attacked in the street by a thug with a blowtorch.

The gruesome footage was shared by the animal rights association TARA after a woman found the badly-burned cat in the city of Huesa, in the province of Jaen in the southern Spanish region of Andalusia on 24th January.

One video shows the cat, which was affectionately named Inocente (Innocent), being found by a woman who films its severely injured face.

A second clip shows a TARA volunteer visibly affected by the incident, saying “they burned him with a blowtorch. There is no right to this” as she cries.

The woman shows Innocent’s burned face while explaining the feline was taken to a veterinarian clinic in Seville as the cat is heard struggling to breathe.

A third video shows the burned cat unable to blink its eyes.

The authorities have called on the public to provide any information that could help find the person or group responsible for blowtorching the feline.

TARA members said the cat was burned all over its body, especially its face and ears.

There investigation is ongoing.