Canary Island Road Rage Attacker Floors Cyclist

This is the moment a local martial arts fighter knocks down a cyclist with one punch after a road-rage row quickly escalated in the Canary Islands.

The incident happened on a stretch of motorway between the towns of Santa Lucia de Tirajana and Ayacata on the island of Gran Canaria in the Spanish Canary Islands on 23rd January.

The victim has been identified as a Raul Marquez who cycles for the amateur club Qromia.

The video shows the two men standing in the middle of the road while cars wait on both lanes. Marquez is seen taking off his trainers as the driver, who has not been named, continues to scream.

The argument quickly escalates as the shouting increases and the driver’s girlfriend tries to push Marquez away shortly before the driver pounces.

The motorist drops the man to the ground with one punch before apparently pummelling him as the camerawoman says: “He’s going to kill him.”

The motorist is quickly separated by a burly man and is heard screaming at Marquez: “Don’t touch my girlfriend. Be a man!”

The unnamed driver is then heard saying “He is the one who asked me to get out of the car” as his girlfriend says the same thing.

Marquez was taken to a local hospital where he was treated for a hand injury and for losing a molar, according to local newspaper UltimaHora. (

Both men have been reported to the Spanish Civil Guard over the incident.

Marquez claimed the fight was instigated by the driver who carried out a dangerous manoeuvre to overtake him and then started an angry verbal exchange.

However, the driver claimed he drove past Marquez with a safe distance, but was then followed and shouted at by other cyclists from his team before Marquez told him to get out of the car.

UltimaHora said the attacker identified himself as a martial arts fighter in the Canary Islands, however there have been no further reports on his identity.

The investigation continues.