Suspected Narco Boat Ground Vessel On Cadiz Beach And Flee

This is the shocking moment stunned beachgoers watch as several drug smugglers ground a reported narco boat and flee before authorities arrived.

The shocking incident was captured on film by a family on the Bonanza beach located in the city of Sanlucar de Barrameda in the province of Cadiz in the Spanish autonomous community of Andalusia yesterday (24 January).

The video footage shows the moment the large boat speeds across the beach before going straight to the shore and grounding as the shocked locals watch on.

One of the people onboard is apparently launched off the boat but manages to spring back up before picking up an object and running.

Another three suspects who also leave the boat leaving the motors on as police sirens can be heard in the background.

Local media report the Spanish Civil Guard arrived at the scene moments after the suspects were seen fleeing but found it was empty with no traces of drugs, food or fuel.

Authorities secured the boat, which was of large proportions, and are investigating the incident but there have been no official reports shedding any further information.

According to local newspaper Nius, the boat had three motors and was transporting four people at the time it was grounded who are now being searched by police. (

Despite having found the vessel empty, the case is being investigated as a potential trafficking operation given the boat’s specs match those used by criminal groups who specialise in trafficking contraband.

Spanish authorities have seized so many high-speed narco boats that they have been forced to store some of them on the street according to reports from October 2020.

The images show two boats which are 15 meters, with three powerful engines worth EUR 50,000 each that were kept on a street in the town of Dos Hermanas, in Sevilla.

With all the other additions, the two boats are thought to be worth EUR 300,000 each.

It underlines the fact that there has been a dramatic increase in the volume of hashish being smuggled across the Gibraltar strait using the semi-rigid boats.

In another incident yesterday a narco boat collided with a civil guard patrol boat off the coast of Estepona and the occupants arrested.