Escaped Automatic Vacuum Cleaner Becomes A Social Media Hit

A video of a rogue automatic vacuum cleaner that apparently wandered out of a house or business is proving a social media hit in Spain.

The strange moment was filmed in the La Verneda i la Pau neighbourhood in the city of Barcelona located in the Spanish autonomous community of Catalonia and shared on social media on 22nd January.

The video shows the moment the robot vacuum cleans a dirty street which has dead leaves spread across it.

The hoover runs into a wall and turns around to continue on its way as two people pop out of a store apparently looking for the rogue machine.

Oriol Canosa shared the funny video which he captioned: “Someone left the door opened” adding that the street “ended up very clean”.

Netizens left their jokes in the comments with ‘MarisaVidilla_’ saying: “Free Roomba!”

‘FranShospi’ wrote: “May the cleaning workers tremble.”

‘Sminguillon’ commented: “Skynet has become conscious.”

It is unclear what happened with the cleaning machine after Canosa stopped filming or where it came from.

The video has been viewed over 150,900 times since it was published by the local man who is also a children’s book writer.