Three Year Old Girl With Dwarfism Wows Social Media With Pretend English Class

A three-year-old Spanish girl with dwarfism has wowed social media giving her favourite doll an English lesson.

Maria Miranda Molina caught the attention of Spanish media after the cute video garnered 771,000 likes and 82,600 shares on TikTok.

In the clip, the little girl is seen holding a notebook with a set of colours and their names in English and showing it to her doll who she has propped up on a chair.

She tells her doll: “I am going to explain to you what the colours are in English. This is red.

“And this is a very beautiful colour, Lilac.”

According to the newspaper Telecinco, Maria’s mother manages the girl’s social media accounts and regularly shares videos and photos of her daughter to show that her condition does not stop her from doing anything.

The girl, who according to her Facebook account is ‘of small size’, has achondroplasia, a genetic disorder characterised by dwarfism.

Maria’s mother wrote: “Miranda is my life teacher, at three years of age she has already shown me that a condition cannot stop you from going far.”

Netizen ‘Txeta77’ commented: “A teacher is born. I was touched yesterday seeing this video… she is so cute. Kisses from me.”

‘Malegarlu’ wrote: “Beautiful girl, I loved watching your video and seeing how much you enjoy everything… You have teaching in your blood.”