Migrants Storm Melilla Border Wall And Celebrate With Victory Lap

A group of 150 sub-Saharan migrants stormed the border wall between the Spanish enclave of Melilla and Morocco and were filmed celebrating a ‘victory’ lap along the main street.

The incident was filmed in the early morning of 19th January.

The video shows a group of migrants running on an empty street as some yell ‘Boza’ which roughly translates to ‘Victory’.

Local media said around 150 sub-Saharans took advantage of some construction work in the area and charged a fence.

The Spanish government recently decided to change the top of the fence from barbed wire to metal spikes facing out on an angle which offer the same level of security but avoids causing injury.

However, the works reportedly made the area much harder to guard by the authorities who did not see the migrants until they were climbing the fence as they moved along riverbeds to avoid being detected.

They reportedly picked a part of the fence that still hadn’t been fixed with the new security equipment, however there have been no official reports confirming the claims.

The Spanish Civil Guard, National Police, local police and Moroccan authorities tried to stop the migrants from entering, however 87 people successfully made it through.

According to Spanish newspaper El Mundo, one officer suffered an injury to his ankle while trying to stop the group crossing over while around 10 migrants also required medical assistance, however, no one was reported to be in a serious condition.

The migrants were rounded up and those who weren’t taken to medical centres were directed to the Centre for Temporary Residence of Immigrants (CETI) where they will stay until their legal situation is sorted out.

The authorities have asked the Spanish government to send more equipment and manpower to the area as their officers cannot function as “human shields”.