Third Generation Baby Elephant Born In Captivity

The birth of this baby elephant has been celebrated at a pioneering Spanish natural reserve as it marks the first third-generation birth of the species to ever happen in the country.

The historic birth of the baby African elephant (Loxodonta) took place at the Cabarceno Natural Park in the Spanish autonomous community of Cantabria on 8th January.

The male calf’s birth is the first time a third-generation African elephant birth was recorded in Spain and “probably in Europe”, according to a press statement from the natural reserve.

The video shows the baby elephant standing next to its mum Cristina as a person encourages people to vote on the name they will give the animal. The options are Jano, Laro, Neco or Nel which are typical names in the region.

The elephant weighed 86 kilogrammes (189 pounds) at birth and is in “perfect condition”, according to its caretakers.

The newest birth has added importance as the mum was the first African elephant raised by human caretakers using a milk bottle in Europe after suffering a hip injury at birth which left her unable to feed herself.

Her offspring marks the 22nd birth to have happened in the reserve making it the place where the highest number of African elephants have been born in captivity worldwide.

The father is named Jums which was given to the park from the Howletts Wild Animal Park located in Canterbury.

Currently, there are 20 elephants living in the reserve which is the largest herd of the species outside of Africa.