Released Pigeon Drops Dead In Patron Saint Of Animals Ceremony

This is the moment a pigeon suddenly dies when released during a religious ceremony celebrating the patron saint of animals.

The bizarre incident took place in the city of Valencia on 17th January.

The footage was recorded during a ceremony by the San Antonio Abad Brotherhood to mark the day of St. Anthony the Great, the patron saint of animals.

The video shows several members of the brotherhood releasing white pigeons in unison at the end of the ceremony.

However, one of the pigeons is seen falling to the floor and remainng completely still as some shocked members of the audience look at the dead bird.

The priest is heard saying “oh, it died! What a pity”, adding “it had a heart attack.”

It is unclear what exactly killed the pigeon, however local media said the bird probably died suddenly while in the hands of one of the members of the brotherhood.

The ceremony was held online due to COVID-19 restrictions and only some members of the press and brotherhood members were allowed to attend.

Around 500 people sent pictures or videos of their pets to have them blessed by a priest as is normally done on the day in different parts of the country.