Narco Smuggling Cake Is A Hit In Andalucia

An Andalucian bakery has caused a stir in the country for producing a cake showing three drug-traffickers onboard a narco speedboat and earned its creator the nickname ‘narcobaker’.

The bizarre cake was made at a local bakery called Las Tartas de Mariana de Sotogrande (Mariana de Sotogrande’s Cakes) in Campo de Gibraltar in the province of Cadiz in the Spanish autonomous community of Andalucia.

Local baker Mariana de Sotogrande shared the picture of her creation, showing three people onboard a narco boat surrounded by packages resembling those used by drug traffickers, on social media.

She said it was created on request of a customer who wanted it as an in-joke between a group of friends.

However, the baker unwittingly caused controversy and was even called a ‘narcobaker’ by local sources after sharing pictures of her cake on social media.

Many netizens criticised her for making light of something with negative effects on society while others defended her freedom to express her art.

Netizen ‘Cristina Contreras’ said that despite admiring the baker’s work, she was “disappointed” by the cake and refuses to find it normal or amusing.

‘Carmen Fernandez’ defended Mariana saying it was only a cake ordered by a client, adding that the real problems are on the streets and attacking a baker helps no one.

‘Daniel Merida Gonzalez’ said he found the cake horrible because it was ugly and for what it represented.

De Sotogrande said the cake was not made to honour drug-trafficking and reminded people it was specifically ordered by a customer and added that despite it simply being sugar, flour and eggs, it is still art.

She told the local media that she refuses to take the post down, but would not have uploaded it in the first place had she known it would cause such a stir.