One Dead And Hundreds Evacuated In Elderly Residence Blaze

One person has died and over twenty hospitalised after hundreds of elderly residents were evacuated from their residence when the building caught fire.

The shocking accident happened at a care home in the province of Seville in the southern Spanish region of Andalusia on 5th January.

However, the Spanish authorities have just released the dramatic footage showing the police and emergency teams rushing through the burning building to rescue the elderly residents.

First-responders try to coordinate the hectic rescue of the OAPs and several of them are seen being taken out in a wheelchair.

Some of the residents are also seen being treated shortly after being rescued from the building as they try to find out what happened.

The blaze claimed the life an 89-year-old woman named Rosario and also left 21 people hospitalised of which five are reported to still be in serious condition.

The authorities saved around 100 people from the blaze who have since been placed in other homes or in their family’s care.

Local media said the authorities believe the fire was caused by an electrical fault in one of the rooms, however, there have been no official reports confirming the claims.

The investigation is ongoing.