Massive Police Operation Captures Fugitive El Melillero

Spanish authorities have arrest the fugitive, known as El Melillero, on the run for the acid attack on two young women earlier last week in southern Spain.

The Spanish Civil Guard arrested Jose Arcadio, 26, alias El Melillero, after a dramatic chase in the province of Malaga in the southern autonomous community of Andalusia on 15th January.

He was wanted by police after allegedly spraying sulphuric acid on two young women who were left burned inside their car on Cristobal Toral Street in the municipality of Cartama in Malaga on 12th January.

The police said that one of the young women, identified as Sandra, was the suspect’s former girlfriend and the other was her best friend named Cristina.

Sandra was taken to the Hospital Virgen del Rocio in Seville where she was placed in intensive care and is said to be in a critical condition after suffering burns to 45 percent of her body.

Cristina is reported to be stable, but still suffered serious burns to 20 percent of her body on her face and legs.

The video footage shows the moment Jose Arcadio is arrested by the authorities as he offers no resistance and is apparently stunned while being taken into custody.

According to an official statement, the operation leading to the arrest involved 200 agents as the suspect had help from his friends and family who have ties with the criminal world.

Jose Arcadio first led the police on a manhunt after escaping on foot while being helped by another person.

He was eventually trapped by the authorities after a foot chase in the municipality of Mijas in Malaga.

Another five people were arrested in the operation for either harbouring the 26-year-old or helping him avoid capture.

The suspect was recently filmed escaping a roadblock on the motorway.

According to police, the suspect has a criminal record and was the victim of an attempted murder some years ago.

He also had a restriction order against him for domestic violence and threats and was under investigation for drug trafficking.

The investigation is ongoing and police do not rule out making future arrests.