Woman Living In Squalor Found With Face Eaten Off By Stray Dogs

Spanish police have found the decomposed body of a woman with her face apparently eaten off by the stray dogs she brought into her home where dead animals and rubbish where hoarded.

The woman, name and age not disclosed, was found in her home in the municipality of Naron in the Spanish autonomous community of Galicia on 13th January.

She was discovered by National Police officers on her bed with advanced signs of decomposition after being partially eaten by her dogs, leaving the body unrecognisable after a social worker reported her as missing.

According to the regional newspaper  La Voz de Galicia, the body had no face and was missing part of the head and half an arm.

The authorities believe the woman had been dead for several weeks before her remains were discovered.

Her cause of death remains unclear, however she is thought to have died from natural causes.

Police also discovered dead dogs in the residence and found the woman was living in unhealthy conditions at the time of her death.

La Voz de Galicia said the unnamed woman often collected stray animals and the authorities had confiscated around 20 dogs from her on a previous occasion.

She is thought to have been suffering from Diogenes syndrome which is a disorder that causes people to live in squalor and compulsively hoard rubbish and other items in their home.

Her body was taken to the Juan Cardona Hospital where an autopsy will be conducted.

The unnamed woman reportedly kept to herself and did not have any immediate family.