Anabel Pantoja´s TV Nude Ice Stunt Goes Wobbly

Spanish TV personality Anabel Pantoja, one of a string of celebrities to take part in the latest craze of posing nude in the snow brought by Storm Filomena, has revealed that she suffered ice burns ton her backside during the stunt.

The Spanish socialite surprised viewers by undressing live on gossip show ‘Salvame’ to pose nude in the snow outside the Mediaset television studios in Madrid on 12th January.

Dressed only in a pair of skimpy knickers, the TV star copied the stunt by Spanish actress Cristina Pedroche, which she shared with her 2.9 million Instagram followers on 9th January.

“Challenge achieved!” exclaimed the ‘Salvame’ hosts as the niece of legendary singer Isabel Pantoja pulled off Pedroche’s pose.

Curious if she suffered any consequences from sitting outside in the sub-zero temperatures, Pantoja’s colleagues questioned her the following day about her stunt.

“Did you catch a cold yesterday?” asked guest Gema Lopez. “I was worried because cystitis is very unpleasant.”

Pantoja replied: “What happened was I got a slightly burned bum cheek from the cold. I also got bunged up and I pulled my left groin, but I’m doing fine.”

Anabel Pantoja. (@anabelpantoja00/Newsflash)

The curvy celeb also denied she was expecting, after one of the guests suggested she was pregnant in her earpiece.

“Another thing I must clarify is that I had the earpiece in and someone asked if I was pregnant,” she said. “I would like to know who said it.

“I’m not pregnant. I’m carrying a few extra kilos,” she clarified. “When my belly’s like that, I’ll say so. This, at the moment, is chocolate and mayonnaise.”