TV Anchor Marta Revero Forgoes Hair And Makeup To Read News

Spanish TV News anchor, Marta Revero, has appeared live on air without makeup and in her home clothes to present the news on time after she got held up on her way to work by the chaos caused by Storm Filomena.

Marta Reyero, 56, presented the news programme ‘Cuatro al Dia’ on TV channel Cuatro on 11th January dressed in a casual jumper and no makeup or styled hair.

The presenter arrived at the studio late, meaning the broadcast had to start with sports news. However, Reyero was able to take over from her colleague after she decided to forgo hair and makeup.

Reyero had arrived at the studio in the Spanish capital Madrid by tube, which was the only means of transport available as all roads were blocked by the snow brought by Storm Filomena.

She was even still wearing her snow boots as she explained her unconventional appearance to viewers, proclaiming “we continue”, as well as thanking her colleague who covered for her during the opening minutes of the newscast.

“These difficulties affect us all, myself included. I came as I am,” she said.

Spanish visual artist and fellow journalist Yolanda Dominguez wrote on Twitter: “I’ve always been a big fan of Marta Reyero, but for this image of her without makeup and in a jumper reading out the news you’ve got to adore her.

“More footage like this on TV, please: real faces.”