From Silicon Valley Tech Queen To Spanish Nun

A high-flying tech Valencian born entrepreneur has left her well-paid Silicon Valley career to become a nun in Spain.

Aeronautical engineer Montse Medina, 36, founded a start-up in Silicon Valley that sold for millions of dollars to PayPal.

The Stanford computational-mathematics graduate founded Jetlore, which specialises in AI, when she was just 27 years old.

The Valencian later returned to her native Spain where she became a partner at consulting firm Deloitte.

However, “a call from God” prompted her to give up her high-flying career and she has decided to become a nun at an Augustinian monastery.

She published her resignation letter to her LinkedIn page, describing herself as “God’s servant” and explaining the reasons behind “the most important and simplest decision” of her life.

A practising Catholic, Medina “used all the talents the infinite kindness our God had gifted me to accumulate wealth in this world”, which left her soul in a “deplorable state”.

While Medina made millions, she was also active as a volunteer within Catholic communities and even tried to found her own NGO.

However, her charitable efforts did not prevent her from “drowning in misery, not knowing what to do with all my sins”.

She abruptly abandoned the life she had been living for the past 12 years, declaring: “The Lord is my only God, and not money.”

Her open letter has been met with a number of positive and encouraging comments as Medina embarks upon her new chapter.