Curved Zebra Crossing Leaves Inhabitants Baffled

A municipal zebra crossing has made the headlines in Spain due to its bizarre curved shape.

The picture of the strange crossing was taken in the municipality of San Vicente del Raspeig in the province of Alicante in the Spanish autonomous community of Valencia.

Alicante is home to the famous Costa Blanca (White Coast) popular among British holidaymakers who visit the region to enjoy the sunny Mediterranean coast.

The image was uploaded to social media by a local resident on 17th December. However, local media recently reported on it after leaving many netizens baffled.

Twitter user ‘VirtusCherry’ commented: “It is impossible to not stop at that crossing. Any bigger and it would have covered the whole street.”

Netizen ‘Juanru’ said: “Damn, we used to live in that neighbourhood.”

‘RafaBo7’ remarked: “What the hell happened?”

‘AgusRawr’ wrote: “Look at this sh*t.”

‘AlexNosequemas’ commented: “Maradona approves.”