Granada Nudist Is Back With Girlfriend In Fountain Stunt

He is back. This time with a girlfriend as the Granada Nudist strikes again. This time seen walking  across a busy plaza and jumping in the fountain during a chilly December night in front of shocked locals.

The strange incident was filmed at the Fuente de las Batallas (Fountain of the Battles) in the city of Granada in the southern Spanish region of Andalusia on 29th December.

One of the videos shows local businessman turned nudist Olmo Garcia, 34, and an unnamed blonde woman stepping into the cold fountain as wrapped-up locals look on.

Some people can be heard saying “They are going to freeze to death” before Garcia and his companion turn around to salute the onlookers.

A second video shows the moment Garcia climbs to the top of the fountain and raises his hands triumphantly before slowly working his way back down as some people laugh and others worry Garcia will fall.

A final video shows Garcia successfully climbing down the fountain to joining his companion as the person filming says “this is incredible”.

There were no reports of any arrests or fines resulting from the incident.

Garcia, who is well known to local residents, has been seen walking around different parts of Granada completely nude in recent months.

He recently stunned tourists at the popular monument of La Alhambra when he was filmed prancing around the tourist site naked in October last year before he was also spotted sitting on the facade of Granada Cathedral last month.