Santa Comes To Valencia’s BioParc Zoo

Valencia’s world famous zoo, the Bioparc, was honoured with a visit by Santa Claus himself this yuletide.

Santa’s visit took place on december 23rd and the animals appeared to have lots of fun opening the presents he brought.

Images just released show the moment Santa Claus leaving a gift under a large tree which has a star placed in front of it before several elephants are seen destroying the boxes and eating food inside them.

The footage goes on to show lions attack the wrapped boxes to eat its contents before several other animals such as apes, meerkats and chimpanzees all get their own gifts that had been placed throughout their enclosures.

The animals rummaged through their presents and happily ate the different fruits that were placed inside them.

The event is an annual occurrence at the zoo and usually draws in crowds of hundreds of people, however, this year they were forced to keep their attendance down and did not promote the special day due to COVID-19.

A statement from the zoo said most people in the audience were young children who were enjoying their first day of the Christmas holidays.