Little Julen Land Owner Spared Jail After Paying Fine

The land owner in Totalan, Malaga, where two-year-old Julen died after falling down an illegally dug bore hole, has avoided a three month mandatory prison sentence after paying €500 towards the mandated compensation order.

His defence lawyer, Antonio Flores, said that the man doesn’t have enough money to eat, and that the lawyer’s office has lent him money to avoid the prison sentence.

The judge agreed to give him a suspended sentence as long as he committed no crime in two years and paid €50 to Julen’s parents every month until his situation improved. He also had to inform the court if he planned to change his address.

Julen, fell into an uncovered borehole in Cerro de la Corona.

The gap was less than  30 centimetres wide but 107 metres deep.

After an increasingc  frantic search and subsequent rescue attempt, the little boy’s body was retrieved a week later.