Ex-Real Madrid´s Guti Sorry Over Covid Rule-Breaking Party

The daughter of former Real Madrid star Guti has apologised after throwing a lavish 20th birthday bash with over six guests who did not wear face masks or respect social distancing during Covid-19 restrictions.

Influencer Zayra Gutierrez, the daughter of Jose Maria Gutierrez known as Guti and Arancha de Benito, apologised after images of her party were shared on social networks, causing outrage among netizens.

The video shows edited highlights of the party where it is clearly seen that guests are not wearing face masks and that there are more than six people, the current limit for group sizes.

The celebrations reportedly lasted until 5am, which also broke curfew rules set in the country.

The young woman, who is an active YouTuber, allegedly shared a message during the party saying “we love pandemics”. However, she later denied posting the message or that anyone else at the party had sent it.

She later told the TV program Salvame that “it is true there were over six, I am not going to say how many.”

Gutierrez said it was supposed to be a small party that just “got out of hand” and added “I broke a rule, I apologise”.

However, it’s unclear what she was apologising for after claiming that many of the things written about her party were simply not true.

Her mother Arancha de Benito also shared images of the birthday bash with the message: “You are turning 20 with a beautiful smile, full of light and joy. You keep evolving and changing, but what will never change is my unconditional love for you.”