Shocking Scenes Of Woman Beating Her Boyfriend In Curfew Covid Street.

This is the moment a woman mercilessly beats her boyfriend on an empty street during the COVID-19 curfew in northern Spain.

The incident was filmed by a neighbour in the municipality of Santa Cruz de Bezana in the Spanish region of Cantabria on 9th December with Spanish media reporting on it on 15th December.

The video shows the suspect pinning her boyfriend to the ground as she repeatedly kicks and punches him while he tries to stand up.

The footage pauses for a moment and zooms into the woman’s hand to show her holding an unspecified weapon.

The wounded man tries to limp away but falls and the suspect kicks him in the face.

The woman is seen continuing her brutal assault as the man appears dazed on the ground as the video ends.

The incident happened during COVID-19 curfew hours which was why the streets were completely empty during the attack and nobody came to the man’s aid, according to the Spanish press.

Cops arrived at the scene and took the victim to a hospital where he was treated for his injuries, however there have been no further reports on his current status.

Police have issued an arrest warrant for the woman seen carrying out the attack.

According to local channel Telecinco, a neighbour claims the couple had recently moved into the area and said they have a fiery relationship.