Police Break Up Wedding With 300 Guests In Seville

Police have broken up a wedding ceremony as the venue and event broke the Covid restrictions in place with over 300 people attending.

The police were called to the crowded gathering, which took place in the city of Seville in the southern Spanish region of Andalusia, at around 9pm following complaints by local residents.

Attendees were reportedly dancing in close proximity to each other and breaking other COVID-19 restrictions.

The wedding party spilled onto the street where people were drinking and dancing until the police arrived to break up the celebrations, according to local media.

In the footage, wedding guests are seen collecting their belongings and clearing up as police officers look on.

According to the police, 25 people were reported for not wearing a face mask or for breaking other regulations.

In Andalusia, there are restrictions for baptisms and weddings which can only be celebrated in authorised places with a maximum of 50 people inside and 75 outside, and only six people per table are allowed.

Local residents told the newspaper ABC that crowded events like this often take place in the area, and many people constantly break COVID-19 rules.

Some locals are also concerned that parties will continue over the Christmas period.

Spain currently has a nationwide curfew between 11pm to 6am.