Space Odyssey Structure Arrives In Castilian Village

Spain has joined the list of countries which have seen the discovery of a mysterious metal monolith which appeared today by an abandoned church in the village of Ayllon, in the municipality of Segovia, in the central Spanish province of Castilla y Leon.

The object which have a striking similarity to the structure in featured in Stanley Kubrick´s iconic space movie, 2001 A Space Odyssey first appeared in the Utah desert in November before disappearing, as other sightings have been made across the world icluding Rumania and the Isle of Wight.

The village mayoress, María Jesús Sanz said she had visited the monolith herself this morning, December 7th.

She described it as a very rudimentary structure, formed by three metal sheets placed on the ground and which had appeared to have been knocked down by the high winds the area had had overnight.

She added it was probabaly a prank.