Police Seize Counterfeit Football Shirts In Undercover Operation

Spanish national police have seized nearly 1,000 fake football shirts and reportedly arrest a couple for running a an 80,000 EUR counterfeit operation.

Two suspects accused of selling the knock-off imitations on social media were arrested during the operation, according to the official police statement.

The suspects were arrested in the Spanish city of Toledo on 26th November.

Before being apprehended, the pair had reportedly sold around 2,200 packages and made a profit of around EUR 80,000.

In the suspects’ garage, the police also found a workshop with a stamping machine which they allegedly used to make customised kits for their customers.

Their arrest was the culmination of an operation launched in January this year that was prompted by an official complaint made by a representative from a well-known sports company.

Most of the replica products were shirts of well-known La Liga teams, and customers paid for them via bank transfer.

The 2,200 packages the couple sold were sent out during an 18-month period.

The suspects have not been named, but they are said to be a couple who ran the business from their home.

They tried to remain under the radar by using the bank accounts of other family members, according to reports.

The police also seized a high-end vehicle, a number of printing machines, and other football-related merchandise in the operation.

The investigation continues.