Dating App Murder Couple Buried Final Victim Alive

A couple is on trial for tricking wealthy middle-aged men on dates before robbing them, leading to them burying the third victim alive.

The third alleged robbery claimed the life of Jose Antonio Delgado Fresnedo, 54, who was robbed, brutally beaten and buried alive in the municipality of Pedrola in the province of Zaragoza in the Spanish region of Aragon in early September.

The suspects, detained since 5th October, have been identified as Hedangelin Candy Arrieta, 34, and Mohammed Achraf, 35.

One of the killers, Hedangelin Candy Arrieta in one of luring badoo profile posts (Newsflash)

Prosecutors are calling for a sentence of 58 years for the couple.

Arrieta is suspected of using the mobile app Badoo to trick different men into dates so she and her boyfriend could beat and rob them.

Badoo is a dating-focused social network application.

The images show some of the hot pictures the suspect used to lure her victims, middle-aged men they thought had plenty of money.

Based on evidence found at their residence, the police believe the couple carried out robberies on at least three separate occasions, murdering their final victim.

Jose Antonio’s body was discovered by the authorities on 27th September. It is unclear why the couple allegedly murdered him.

One of the victims, Jose Antonio Delgado Fresnedo. (Newsflash)

The victim is thought to have been dead for 20 days when his body was discovered.

The first robbery occurred in July 2019. It allegedly involved another suspect identified as Jose Antonio Melendez for whom the prosecution is asking for 16 years.

They allegedly stole the victim’s watch, PIN numbers, mobile, watch, and car, and did the same to the second victim, who was left badly beaten with a broken fibula after a botched kidnapping attempt.

According to the newspaper La Vanguardia, the third victim was savagely beaten causing cranial traumatism, thoracic traumatism, with signs of being tied up, adding that he was buried alive because dirt was found in his lungs.

Aside from the 58 years in jail, the prosecution is also asking for compensation for the victims.

They want the defendants to pay EUR 4,700 to the first victim, EUR 17,000  to the second, and EUR 120,000 to the two children of the brutally murdered victim.

The case continues.