Teacher’s Star Wars Doodles Gets Student’s Full Marks

A Castellon teacher and keen cartoonist has become an online hit after he posted photos of his students’ exam papers featuring Star Wars characters giving notes.

Pedro Cifuentes is a teacher of Social Sciences, but also a keen artist from Burriana in the eastern Spanish province of Castellon.

The drawings of Star Wars in students exams (@krispamparo/Newsflash)

The teacher decided to give notes to his students by using doodles of popular Star Wars characters to encourage them to keep up the good work.

In one drawing, a caricature of Boba Fett tells one student: “This is the way.”

Meanwhile, Rey Skywalker told another bright pupil: “Congratulations, Jedi apprentice.”

For students who need to step up their game, the teacher used villains from the Star Wars franchise including Darth Vader advising troublesome teens: “Stay away from the Dark Side.”

The drawings of Star Wars in students exams (@krispamparo/Newsflash)

Cifuentes’ post was widely shared on Twitter and he told netizens that he came up with the idea “because we need to communicate joy, illusion, and passion”.

He added: “With small details like this, I try to make a difference for the youngsters I have in my class.

“Some people, including the system, are anesthetising them slowly. Reality is hard, both inside and outside the high school.

“But this time in their lives that they spend with us in the classroom, we should communicate wonder and illusion.

Twitter user ‘Jose-Talaveron’ commented: “Master, I wish I had exam notes like this. What a wonderful thing! Teachers like you change the world.”

Netizen ‘FranTorm’ said: “May the Force be with you always, Pedro.”