Suspended Sentence For Woman Who Tried To Cut Off Ex´s Genitals

A woman has been given a two-year sentence which has been suspended for trying to cut off the genitals of her ex-boyfriend with a six-inch blade while performing fellatio.

The bizarre incident took place in the municipality of Alcudia located in the resort town island of Majorca in the Spanish autonomous community of the Balearic Islands on 18th October.

A 52-year-old Colombian woman admitted to trying to cut off the genitals of her ex-boyfriend who is reported to be a 39-year-old Moroccan man while she performed fellatio on him at her trial on Tuesday 17th November.

According to local reports, she and the victim were at a bar when she offered to continue having beers at an area near the Roman Ruins of Pollentia where she could also perform oral sex.

The Roman Ruins of Pollentia are one of the most important archaeological sites found on the island which is also popular among British holidaymakers for its warm weather and sunny beaches.

According to the local newspaper ‘Diario Mallorca,’ the victim was initially “reluctant” but eventually agreed. (

Once they were in a removed area, the woman began to perform oral sex on the man and then took out a 15-centimetre (5.9-inch) blade from her backpack and aimed it at the man’s testicles.

However, the victim was able to thwart her attack by reacting in time and knocking the knife out of her hand, and he then rushed to put on his pants and exit the vehicle.

The woman then took out a second blade with the same dimensions as the first and began to attack him a second time causing him serious cuts on his head and face.

The victim reportedly had a minor cut on his scrotum but two serious ones elsewhere. He needed five staples applied to his scalp and five stitches on his upper lip and took 10 days to make a full recovery. He still has scars from the incident.

The woman, who was detained on the same day as the attack, pleaded guilty during her trial and was sentenced to two years in prison which has been suspended for two years.

She was also issued a restraining order for two years prohibiting her from being near or having any form of contact with her ex-boyfriend.

The victim waived any compensation for the injuries he suffered during the attack.