Spanish Customs High Speed Intercept Narco Boat Off Gibraltar

A Spanish customs boat has successfully intercepted  a suspected drug trafficking gang in a vessel sporting the Union Jack in the Strait of Gibraltar.

The incident took place on Saturday and resulted in the arrest of 10 suspected traffickers and two vessels, one of them with a British flag.

In the video, Custom Surveillance Services officials are seen chasing a recreational boat with six on board after suspecting them of assisting another trafficking vessel at sea.

During the bust, the authorities seized two boats. One was 12 metres long with three 300 hp engines, and the other was a recreational boat registered in Gibraltar and sporting the Union Jack.

The suspects on board the second vessel are accused of offering logistical assistance to the larger vessel, swapping personnel, and assisting with refuelling.

There were four suspects on the larger vessel and six on board the second.

One detainee is a Gibraltar citizen, according to reports.

It is unclear if any drugs were found on board the two boats.

The investigation is ongoing.