Marbella Influencers Pool Balconing Party Busted

Marbella police have raided a rented out villa where a group of 40 young influencers were partying and practicing balconing by jumping from the roof , breaking the coronavirus measures in force in Spain.

The house party was held in the residential area of San Pedro Alcantara in the municipality of Marbella on the Spanish Costa del Sol in defiance of COVID-19 restrictions on Saturday, 14th November.

The police arrived at around 9.15 pm and broke up the social gathering, sanctioning 23 of the 40 revellers for breaking COVID-19 rules such as not wearing mandatory face masks.

The party was organised by the unnamed owner of the company Hellosaturday, which represents online influencers, and a report against the suspect has been filed by the police, according to local media.

Among the influencers was reportedly Omar Montes who participated in one day of the party. Some influencers such as xinnixinnita5 or srtagriezmann shared videos of the event although it is unclear if they were there.

The police evicted revellers from the house, however, organisers had been promoting the event as lasting until tomorrow. (Tuesday)

The video footage shows partygoers jumping from the house roof into the ground floor swimming pool, which is known as ‘balconing’.

According to the regional government, 3,179 people have been hospitalised with COVID-19 in the southern Spanish region of Andalusia, and 503 are in intensive care units.

The Andalusian authorities have introduced a curfew between the hours of 10 pm to 7 am to prevent the spread of the virus while all ‘non-essential’ activities have been halted.

Bars and restaurants have to close by 9.30 pm, although delivery services are allowed to continue until 11.30 pm.

Meanwhile, venues have to operate with 30 per cent capacity inside and 75 per cent in terraces.

Marbella will enter a tier-4 lockdown which will see the closure of all nightclubs and bars on 23rd November.