Huge Rare Jellyfish Filmed Off Galician Coast

This is the moment a Spanish scuba diving couple gets up close and personal with a huge barrel jellyfish.

The Rhizostoma pulmo, commonly known as the barrel jellyfish, was filmed off the coast of Vigo, a city in the north-western Spanish region of Galicia.

Diego Moreira, 40, and his wife Alicia Sobrino, 36, decided to go scuba diving when the waters were calm.

The couple then came across the huge jellyfish which had a diameter of around one metre.

Moreira told Newsflash: “We were parking in the port when some friends told us there was a jellyfish there so we went to see it.”

The divers said they were shocked that the barrel jellyfish was so large and apparently alone.

Sobrino explained: “During bad weather, a lot of Portuguese man o’ war jellyfish appear in the port area which are often very large, but this species is not common.”

Moreira told Newsflash: “We love photography so we went to record it, but just close enough to see it, not touching or bothering it.

“It was really beautiful, it moves with small fish among its tentacles for the protection it gives them.”

The divers were aware that the jellyfish carries a nasty sting, but said they are not as dangerous as the Portuguese man o’ war.

After around 10 minutes, the divers left the jellyfish alone.

However, the remains of a dead barrel jellyfish were found in the same area several days later and experts believe it was the same one in the couple’s