Toddler Aged 14 Months Chokes to Death At Nursery

A 14 months old girl has died after choking with a bean that had been in the meal she was given to eat at lunch at her kindergarten.

The tragedy took place in the municipal kindergarden of the town of Rocafort, in the eastern Spanish region of Valencia, when the toddlers were eating their midday meal.

The girl, whose name has not been revealed, started to choke after swallowing a kidney bean.

Nursery staff instantly followed the protocol for dealing with a choking child and also called the emergency service.

Local police arrived at the scene within minutes, and paramedics were on the location within 18 minutes of the call.

They started the first aid procedures but as the child was unresponsive and the bean could not be removed, she was rushed to hospital.

Once their medics decided to carry out an instant emergency surgery to remove the been that was blocking her airways.

She was then taken to the Intensive Care Unit after the surgery because of the lack of oxygen to her brain while the bean was blocking her airways.

However, the efforts were in vain and ultimately the girl later died.

According to local newspaper El Mundo, the court number 5 of Valencia has started an investigation in order to find out if there was negligence from the kindergarden.

Staff at the nursery said it will remain closed tomorrow (Friday) because of the tragedy.

The city council of Rocafort has decided to organize three days of official mourning due to this case.

Choking is surprisingly common incident among children especially aged under five, where cases have been reported involving seeds, grapes, candies, peanuts, hotdogs, sweets, carrots and pistachios all listed in recent unfortunate incidents.

Local media outlet Telecinco said that if the kid is still conscious and can cough, they should be encouraged to cough and should not be hit or pushed and adult should also not try to remove the item if it cannot be seen.