La Linea Drugs War Continues With Biggest Police Operation Yet

Spanish police have stormed houses to dismantle the biggest drug distribution network in the South of Spain, with 29 people detained so far.

The raids, part of the operation named “Primate”, have been taking place in the southern Spanish provinces of Cadiz and Seville, both part of the autonomous community of Andalusia.

In the video provided to Metropolitan Press by the Spanish police, four armed policemen can be seen ramming the door down.

Dogs can be heard barking as a police officer orders to “step to the right” to one of the people inside.

In a raid of another house, a female officer can be seen walking in a room with 421 cannabis plants.

A part of the video also shows the testing of drugs to verify the purity of the substance.

The detainees were part of a perfectly structured organization that had become the largest cocaine distribution network in the Sierra de Cadiz region.

In total, 18 home searches have been done in different Andalusian towns.

A total of of 1,860 grams (4.1 pounds) of cocaine, EUR 170,000 (GBP 154,100) in cash, approximately 15 vehicles, 421 cannabis plants, 1,500 grams (3.3 pounds) of cannabis buds, 359 grams (0.791 pounds) of hashish and 200 anabolic tablets were found.

Also a revolver and four hunting rifles with silencers and telescopic sights were also found.

The 29 people arrested have been charged with the crimes of belonging to a criminal organization, drug trafficking and illegal possession of weapons.

Currently, the investigation is ongoing by the police with the aim of identifying the origins, flows and the whereabouts of illicit profits, as reported in the official press statement obtained by Newsflash.