Man Arrested After Shooting Cat & Posting It On Social Media

A man who shot a neighbour’s cat from the balcony of his home with a rifle and then posted the act on social media, has been arrested by police.

In the video footage that was posted by the alleged killer on his social media page, the cat can be seen writhing in agony before it dies.

Netizens who spotted the incident reported the video to the police, which led to the suspect being identified and arrested on suspicion of animal abuse in the town of Aroche, in the southern Spanish province of Huelva, on 20th October.

In the video, the man aims at and shoots the cat, which is sitting in a field next to his house. After shooting it, he speaks where he references a friend who he presumably planned to share the footage with and says: “There you have it. Look at that wild boar piglet I’ve killed.”

In the press release shared with Newsflash, the police mention the ‘Yo si puedo contarlo’ (I can tell about it) animal welfare campaign, and advise the population to denounce any mistreatment of pets that they are aware of.

The man has not been named by the police or by local media. Charges are still pending over the incident.

Cases of animal abuse in Spain have quadrupled over the last decade, according to data from the Spanish police.

Those found guilty of the crime can face a fine or jail. The first prison sentence for animal abuse in Spain was handed out in 2017.