Two Men & Schoolboy Arrested Over Shared Whatsapp Sex Attack

Two men and a schoolboy have been arrested in Spain’s Costa del Azahar region on suspicion of raping a 16-year-old girl and filming the attack to share on WhatsApp.

The girl had been drinking with the trio shortly before the incident, and police are investigating whether they drugged her before carrying out the sex attack.

The alleged crime took place in the tourist hotspot of Gandia, on Spain’s Mediterranean coast, on 17th October.

The trio allegedly raped the girl at a vegetable garden on the outskirts of the city. They recorded the attack using their mobile phones and sent the video to a number of their friends through WhatsApp.

The girl had allegedly been drinking, and possibly also taking drugs, in the area with the three boys and her boyfriend. The assault happened when the boyfriend was temporarily away from the group on the pretext of buying more alcohol and supplies, an explanation which the police are investigating.

The boyfriend allegedly returned to the scene to find one of the men on top of his girlfriend, whose clothes were ripped. It was ascertained from the video footage obtained by police that an argument then ensued.

The boyfriend then called the victim’s father to explain what had happened, and the girl was later taken to the Francesc de Borja Hospital in Gandia.

Local media report that the victim turned up at the hospital in a daze. Some local media outlets have alleged that she was accompanied to the hospital with her boyfriend and another local media outlet claims she arrived at the hospital “completely unconscious”.

She later told the staff there she had been the victim of a group sexual assault, and within twenty-four hours, police had arrested the suspects.

Two 21-year-old men, who have not been named, are in preventive detention, and a 15-year-old boy is being kept in a semi-open regime at a juvenile centre and is subject to a restraining order.

The police are investigating whether the girl’s state was solely due to her alcohol and possible drug consumption or if the suspects had plied her with a date-rape drug.

The two adults appeared in court on 20th October. However, proceedings against the pair are ongoing. The underage boy is also awaiting trial.

The incident is the third group rape that has come to light in Valencia Province during the last month.