Civil Guard Smash Costa Drugs Ring

Spanish authorities have detained 12 British nationals including two who are the alleged ringleaders of a gang sending drugs to the United Kingdom.

The raid was carried out by Spanish police who were in close contact with British police who had warned that the gang was regarded as armed and extremely dangerous.

The Civil Guard carried out a total of 15 arrests during 10 raids across several locations in the Alicante province and Murcia during the two-phase operation.

Alicante is home to the Mediterranean coastline of the ‘Costa Blanca’ and Murcia is known for its architecture and natural beauty, making them two of Spain’s more popular spots for holidaymakers.

Authorities started their investigations after authorities in the municipality of Sant Joan d’Alacant were alerted of the possible existence of a cannabis plantation in the area in March of this year.

Their investigations lead to the arrests of three male suspects aged 34, 35 and 52 who are all Lithuanian, according to a police report from earlier today (Friday).

The three men were placed behind bars after police raided two residences and a cannabis club in the city of Alicante on 15th October.

They seized 580 cannabis plants, six kilograms of marijuana buds (13.22 lbs), 136 grams (0.29 pounds) of hash, 95 ml (3.34 oz) of hash oil, one pickup truck, seven air conditioning devices and numerous items for cultivation and development of the plants, according to their report.

The findings lead to the second phase of the operation which culminated in the arrest of 12 people who are all reported to be of British nationals.

The suspects were detained during seven raids that were conducted simultaneously across the areas of Mutxamel, Xabia, Teulada, Atlea and in the city of Murcia on Tuesday 27th October.

The second phase resulted in the large seizure of 4,415 cannabis plants, 9.150 kilograms (20.1 pounds) marijuana buds, 1.384 kilograms (3 pounds) of hash 268 ecstasy pills, 4.5 grams (9.9 pounds) of cocaine, EUR 8,950 (GBP 8052) in cash.

Police also found seven luxurious vehicles, one quad, two motorcycles, 3 packaging vacuums, a money counter, 16 air conditioning devices and hundreds of light bulbs, transformers, lamps and different material used to cultivate and manipulate the different narcotic substances.

The video shows the moment police conduct raid on several homes and make arrests. Some of the homes contain cannabis plantations that appear to be very well-organised with hundreds of plants.

The video ends showing an officer placing seized drugs on a table.

According to the report, a 32-year-old man arrested in Teulada is suspected of being the group’s boss while a 38-year-old arrested in Mutxamel is thought to be the lieutenant, both of them British. Both areas are in the Alicante province which is already popular among British tourists.

The group, which the Spanish Civil Guard have describe as “highly specialised in the cultivation and trafficking of drugs”, is thought to have sent the drugs to the United Kingdom, the autonomous community of the Balearic Islands and the Spanish provinces of Alicante and Murcia.

The group is thought to have used mail posts to send some of the drugs by hiding them inside of boxes with dolls some of which agents also seized that were ready to be sent.

Of the 12 detained British nationals, seven are behind bars while five are temporarily released with charges. There have been no reports on the exact charges on the suspects.

The police report adds some of them were considered “armed and dangerous” according to different British authority databases.

The investigation’s being carried out by the Pre-Trial Investigation Court five in Alicante.