Supreme Court Rejects Spaghetti Monster Church Bid

The Spanish Supreme Court has rejected a motion to officialise a religion which credits a giant flying spaghetti monster for creating the universe after drinking heavily.

The decision to not include the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster (FSM), also known as Pastafarianism mixing the words ‘pasta’ and ‘Rastafarianism’, was revealed in a statement released by Spain’s Department of Justice on 19th October.


The symbol of the Pastafari church.

The statement said the applicants claimed to represent a “collective of people with diverse backgrounds and nature, united in the belief in the existence of the superior entity, of divine nature, known as the ‘Flying Spaghetti Monster’”.

It goes on to say they believe it to be the “creator of all the universe and director of everything that inhabits it”.

However, the judges could not be convinced and “denied their inscription in the Register of Religious Entities”, however, a judge has said they can practice their beliefs as an association, but privately.

The FSM was created by American man Bobby Henderson after the Kansas State Board of Education ruled it was allowed to teach intelligent design in public schools as an alternative to evolution in 2005.

He introduced the culinary deity in an open letter which has since gained traction and now has thousands of followers across the globe even writing ‘The Loose Canon’, which is their holy book, which claims the being created the universe after “drinking heavily”.