Chinese Slave Labour Sweat Shop Raided

The Spanish National Police have raided a sweatshop where Chinese workers were paid almost nothing and forced to work seven days a week in inhuman conditions.

The illegal clothes factory was located in the tourist hotspot of Malaga on the Costa del Sol, located in the autonomous community of Andalusia.

It was hidden behind a legitimate selling business which employed local people registered with the government and with all the necessary permits.

But the illegal sweatshop was hidden from view behind it, where the twelve Chinese workers were forced to work almost non-stop seven days a week.

They were allowed only a brief period to return to a tiny flat which they all shared in order to sleep.

Police said the sweatshop employed no social distancing measures and breached so many working conditions that they described it as “inhuman”.

Detectives carried out the raid on suspicion of labour exploitation on 22th October 2020.

The raid on two different properties in the area was carried out following an earlier investigation to identify the ringleaders.

In the videos provided by the police the workshop can be seen, with sewing machines and a lot of textile material.

Later in the video, the tiny flat where all the workers lived crowded together can be seen.

Three Chinese citizens were arrested, two men and a woman between 43 and 52 years old, and they were accused of organising the criminal organisation. The police also seized EUR 100,000 (GBP 90,330).

All of them had previous convictions regarding the abuse of workers rights according to a press statement obtained by Newsflash.