Startled Deer Runs In Front Of Equally Startled Metro Passengers

A roe deer astonished passengers standing on a platform at a busy Spanish Metro station as it emerged from the tunnel and ran down the track, before disappearing down the other end.

Passengers waiting for a train at the Salt de l’Aigua station in the eastern Spanish city of Valencia were stunned to see the unexpected arrival early on Sunday morning.

One passenger filmed the incursion and posted it to Twitter, where it has received 1,500 likes. She captioned it: “I hope it gets out alive.”

Fortunately, engineers and security personnel also spotted the deer and instructed the train drivers in the area to slow down.

No rescue operation was necessary, as the deer found its way out of the underground network of its own accord.

Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat Valenciana (FGV), the public railway company that operates the metro, believes the deer entered the underground at La Cova station, a few stops from Salt de l’Aigua, which is overground and close to a rural area with lots of greenery.

FGV believes that after realising it was getting nowhere, the deer turned around and retraced its steps, exiting the underground where it originally entered.