Women, 22, Dies Waiting For Brain Tumour Treatment

A 22-year-old Spanish woman has died from a brain tumour after being sent home with paracetamol and being told to wait for the treatment that never happened as hospitals prioritised care for COVID-19 patients.

The young woman, Lidia Gonzalez, from the municipality of Melgar de Fernamental, in the province of Burgos, in the autonomous community of Castile and Leon, located in the North Central area of Spain, passed away on 12th July .

According to local newspaper Burgos Conecta, she died of a brain tumor without ever receiving her test results after an initial hospital visit and without receiving any treatment based on the diagnosis.

Gonzalez worked as a dental hygienist and lived in Palencia, a city of Castile and Leon, where she noticed the first symptoms in the month of May, which was during confinement.

Her cousin, in an interview with local media, said: “She got dizzy and nauseous, and she also began to see blurry.”

In the emergency department, after seeing she had a large tumour on the left side of her brain, they decided to take a biopsy of the tumour on her in Valladolid, a nearby city.

Her mother, Lidia Garcia, Told Burgos Connect: “She spent ten days there, completely alone, til they finally did the procedure on May 14th.”

Four days after the biopsy, Lidia was sent home to recover while they waited for the results.

Garcia explained that the biopsy was needed so that the “Burgos oncologist could give her treatment as soon as possible”.

That never happened.

Garcia says that after the operation, “they sent her home with paracetamol . . . she was left abandoned, without any treatment.”

Lidia passed away on 12th July without having received a diagnosis and without having undergone any treatment.

Her grieving mother says she is sure her daughter died “because of the delay and the chaos of the coronavirus”.

Garcia told Burgos Connect that she knows she will not get her daughter back, but wants people to know the injustice that has been committed.