Passengers Evacuated As Ibiza Ferry Hits Rocks

Passengers and crew members were evacuated from an inter-island ferry after it was holed by dashing itself against the rocks when it took a wrong route.

The incident took place on the Eco Lux ferry belonging to the company Balearia which operates between Ibiza and Formentera in the Spanish Balearic Islands.

The passenger vessel reportedly crashed into rocks on the islet of Castavi.

Witnesses said they felt the strong impact and the lights went off inside the ferry.

The ferry had strayed from its normal route for unknown reasons and was dashed against the rocks.

The small island of Castavi has been the site of several maritime incidents in recent years, local newspaper Nou Diari reported.

The Maritime Safety and Rescue Society went to the scene and evacuated 12 passengers and five crew members. It is unclear how many were women and children among them.

The passengers were evacuated onto small lifeboats, as seen in the footage.

They were taken to the Port of Formentera where paramedics checked them. Reports said that no one needed to be transferred to hospital.

One passenger suffered mild signs of hypothermia and shock after jumping into the sea when the ferry hit the rocks, according to the newspaper El Periodico.

Balearia company spokesperson Joan Serra said that the vessel is currently being examined before it is towed from the scene to undergo repairs in Ibiza.

They are also ensuring that fuel does not leak into the water.

The ferry went into service on the Ibiza-Formentera route in May 2018.

The route will be covered by the replacement boat Eco Aire so the service can continue.

The investigation is ongoing.