Woman Dies Becoming “Invisible Victim” Due To Covid Only Attention Policy

A woman in Spain has reportedly died of colon cancer after only receiving medical attention over the phone for several months due to medical resources being directed to combating COVID-19.

Sonia Sainz-Maza, 48, died of colon cancer in the city of Burgos in the Spanish autonomous community of Castile and Leon on 13th August.

Her family complained that she was an ‘invisible victim of the pandemic’ because she was only receiving medical attention over the phone right up until her death.

In three months, her local doctor never saw her face-to-face to examine her once, according to the victim’s family.

Her sister Lydia Sainz-Maza has been protesting the questionable practices, telling local newspaper El Correo de Burgos: “Sonia was dying on the other side of the phone.”

According to Sainz-Maza, her sister was in constant discomfort and suffered with chronic fatigue causing her to lose a lot of weight.

She recalled how all the family was concerned by the victim’s weight loss and yellowish skin tone until eventually “her stomach just couldn’t take it anymore”.

The family is now demanding justice to make sure the same thing does not happen again.

Lydia Sainz-Maza said: “I will fight to the very end over this, no virus should justify abandoning people.”

According to the latest figures from the Johns Hopkins University, Spain has registered 789,932 cases of COVID-19 and 32,086 related deaths.