Civil Guard Dismantle “Largest This Year” Marijuana Farms

Spanish authorities have dismantled an international  drug trafficking group where a British national helped turn flats into marijuana plantations with his Serbian lover who was also the gang leader.

The operation, dubbed ‘Caribes’, was carried out in the Barcelona and Tarragona provinces in the Spanish autonomous community of Catalonia.

The Spanish Civil Guard conducted the operation and dismantled “the biggest criminal structure dedicated to cultivating and trafficking marijuana” in Catalonia so far this year according to a police report.

The indoor marihuana plantation discovered by the Spanish police during the operation in Barcelona and Tarragona.

The criminal group was run from the city of Valls in the Tarragona province “by a woman of Serbian nationality” who would hire other “people of that nationality to control the plantations”.

The Spanish Civil Guard detained 31 suspects of different nationalities and are investigating five including the British national who is the “love companion” of the group’s leader.

The couple is alleged to have rented several flats in the provinces and conditioned them with “Spanish experts” who helped prepare “complex installations” to help “optimize and accelerate the growth in the cultivation of the drug”.

Newsflash talked with a spokesperson from the Spanish Civil Guard who said “the most part of the suspects were Serbian” but there were also Bosnian, Croatian and Spanish people detained and there “is no report any other” British national arrested in the operation.

Investigations started after a residence in the Barcelona province caught fire caused after a short circuit in the electrical installations and was later found to contain a marijuana plantation and eventually lead to the international crime group.

The video shows the moment agents conduct their investigations on some of the marijuana plantations which are seemingly well-built.

Police said that “12 indoor plantations have been dismantled finding 12,600 marijuana plants” and a further 190 kg (418 lbs) of “processed marijuana”. They also found EUR 50,000 (GBP 45,804) in cash in the 19 homes they raided during the operation.

The report adds several of the Serbian nationals hired to ensure the security of the plantations already had criminal records or were wanted by Serbian authorities before for working in other plantations.

The operation was also done in collaboration with Serbian police who offered information to Spanish authorities and participated in the raids to help identify suspects.

Civil Guard Dismantle “Largest This Year” Marijuana Farms”.