Police Smash Liquid Cocaine Smuggling Gang

Spanish police officers raid a house that was part of a criminal group that smuggled liquid cocaine into Spain using drug mules resulting in 20 detentions.

The investigation dubbed ‘Conejo-Pacificador’ (Rabbit-Pacifier) was conducted by the Spanish National Police and the Spanish Civil Guard which started in mid-2019.

The authorities received information of a criminal group with the capacity to distribute large amounts of narcotics, especially cocaine, set up in the Spanish islands of Tenerife and La Palma located in the Spanish autonomous community of Canary Islands.

The group allegedly introduced liquid cocaine from the South American country of Bolivia employing the use of drug mules.

The video shows the moment officers break into a home and detain a suspect who is seen being escorted away after he was arrested.

The video cuts to show several bags apparently containing liquid cocaine seized in the raid laid out as evidence as the video comes to an end.

According to a police report: “The actions of the detentions and home raids have resulted in approximately 2.6 kilogrammes (5.7 lbs) of cocaine, 5.0 kilogrammes (11 lbs) of cannabis and EUR 4,000 (GBP 3,652) in cash being seized.”

The report added a further three vehicles were taken and bank accounts were frozen as a result of the operation.

Police also found a laboratory in a home in Tenerife where the criminal group allegedly solidified the liquid cocaine which they then provided to small to mid-scale dealers who sold directly to consumers.

The raids resulted in 20 detentions that took place between the islands of Tenerife and La Palma and in the mainland city of Seville in the autonomous community of Andalusia.

The police report says “several” of the suspects have been placed in prison however the number or the reason is unclear.

They have been charged with drug trafficking, belonging to a criminal organisation and money-laundering.

It is unclear if the suspects have been given a trial date or if authorities expect to make further arrests.