Naked Man Tries To Evade Police In Swim Escape Bid

A man has been arrested for walking around a Spanish promenade stark naked before diving into the sea and swimming over a mile from the coast to avoid the police.

The incident took place at Port Saplaya in the municipality of Alboraya in the eastern Spanish region of Valencia on 19th September.

The man was reportedly walking around the promenade naked when he realised he had been spotted by two cops and dove into the sea.

The naked suspect ignored the officers’ shouts to return to shore and ended up swimming over a mile from the coast.

Two cops used a private boat to arrest the man, but he allegedly attacked them in the water.

A Marine Rescue boat and helicopter also attended the scene.

After five hours of trying to convince the naked man to give himself up, he finally got in the boat and was returned to land.

The suspect was then reportedly arrested for disobedience and attacking a police officer.

The local newspaper Levante said he will appear before a judge soon to face formal charges.

On Sunday, the police confirmed he was the same man who had been reported as missing in a report filed form Menorca in the Balearic Islands.

The investigation continues.