Hero Shopkeeper Tackles Robbery Gunman

This is the moment a mobile phone salesman ignores a gun pointed in his face and swats it away before running round the counter to tackle an armed robber.

The shocking incident was filmed in a mobile store in the city of Terrassa located in the Barcelona province in the Spanish autonomous community of Catalonia on Saturday 19th September.

The video shows the salesman, who has not been named, working on his computer as a man wearing a black face mask stands across the counter.

The suspect is then seen taking out a handgun and pointing it directly at the clerk, who far from being intimidated, slaps the gun so as to make it aim away from him.

He then walks around the counter and charges at the suspect, all the while having the gun pointed at him.

The two wrestle for a brief moment, pushing and shoving each other as the determined shopkeeper tries to disarm his assailant.

The suspect eventually decides to cut his losses and runs from the scene and the seller follows him out of the door as the video comes to an end.

Authorities are investigating the incident in hopes of detaining the suspect and do not discount the possibility that the weapon used in the robbery was a real gun.