Hikers Flock To Overcrowded Peak Ignoring COVID Hygiene Rules

Covid hygiene protocols are still be ignored. In this video a long queue of hikers can be seen standing  in line to reach the peak of a Pyrenees mountain without face masks and and not observing social distancing.

Long queue in mountain peak.

The incident took place in the Alt Pirineu Natural Park in the north-eastern Spanish region of Catalonia and the footage was shared on social media by park representatives.

The video was filmed on Pica d’Estats, the highest mountain in Catalonia, on the National Day of Catalonia which is celebrated every year on 11th September.

The national park said that they wanted to inform others of the crowded situation at the moment which is seeing large numbers of people on the peak and many vehicles on the roads, including hundreds of motorhomes.

The park also posted a photo of visitors swimming in a natural lake, something that is prohibited to protect the local wildlife.

Visitors also damaged the natural habitat of the protected Aurelio’s rock lizard (Iberolacerta aurelioi), according to the national park.

Local official Iu Escola told the newspaper El Periodico: “After lockdown, it became popular to walk in the mountains, but images like these are not good.

“It may have been good for the tourist sector, but we need to try to find a balance.”

The park has since announced that the number of visitors will be restricted to prevent overcrowding on the roads and mountain peak.