EuroPol Take Down Costa Crime Group And Confiscate Assets Of 3 Million EUR

Authorities have detained 64 suspects for drug trafficking and money laundering in an operation that seized over 3 million Euros in assets.

The seizures occurred in different locations in the southern Spanish autonomous community of Andalusia and targeted a group known as ‘Los Pinchos’.

The operation, which lasted over a year, was led by the Spanish Civil Guard in cooperation with Europol dubbed ‘Tortilla’ and was just reported by authorities yesterday (Sunday).

A police report read: “The Civil Guard, in collaboration with Europol, have seized eight tons of hash from the organisation, six boats and 16 vehicles and the value of seized accounts and effects in the property ascends to three million EUR (2.77 million GBP).”

Moment of the operation that ended up with the arrest of 64 people

The group is thought to have acquired the boats from a business that belonged to one of its members using the identities of people in financially desperate situations to avoid detection.

Authorities were able to intercept four shipments the criminal group was trying to smuggle into the country and seized 8 tonnes (17,636 lbs) of hash.

A Spanish Civil Guard spokesman told Newsflash: “The shipments we intercepted were on separate actions that predominantly took place in Spring.

“The operation has been finalised but we are still searching for the leader of the group who has been a fugitive for some time now.”

Los Pinchos are suspected of introducing between 3,000 to 6,000 kilos (6,613 to 13,227 lbs) of the drug into the country every month.

They are thought to have operated on the coasts of Cadiz and Malaga but authorities found a base of operations for their activity in the Campo de Gibraltar county.

Agents also found a dry rock to repair the narco boats during a seizure in the town of Palmones in Cadiz.

In total, 64 people were arrested in the operation who are suspected of drug trafficking, money laundering and participating in a criminal organization.