New Bylaw Fines 750 Eur For Urinating At The Beach

Parents have been told not to allow their kids to wee in the water at the beach as part of a total ban on urinating in the sea by a local council in Galicia.

The new bylaw was passed by the Vigo City Council located in the Spanish autonomous community of Galicia in the northwest of the country yesterday (Thursday).

It applies to adults and children and the council has warned that anyone spotted relieving themselves anywhere on the sand or in the water of the 56 beaches located within the municipality can receive a fine of 750 EUR.

The order, in particular, hopes to stop a practice by local parents of taking kids that want to use the bathroom down to the water instead of one of the public toilets because it often involves a longer walk.

It is unclear how authorities plan to spot people urinating when they are in deeper water.

The City Council has also committed itself to ensure citizens that there are permanent public toilets in all the beaches year-round.

Environmental Counsellor Nuria Rodriguez was in support of the bylaw saying it “prioritises the safety and health” of citizens and helps keep the beaches clean and in the best condition.

Members of the council were also keen to ban smoking but were only able to pass it as a recommendation as there were not enough councillors on hand to authorise it.

They may designate ‘Smoke-Free Zones’ in the future, however, it is unclear when that may be or the areas in the beach where it would be applied.