Cars Create Fake Traffic Jam Behind Broken Down Lorry

This is the video of cars queuing up behind a broken down lorry on a hard shoulder without realising that the vehicle had in fact broken down and as the vido shows causing the filming lorry driver to laugh uncontrollably.

The fake traffic jam was filmed on the C-17 motorway which connects the Spanish cities of Barcelona and Ripoll located in the autonomous community of Catalonia in the northeast of the country and was shared on Tuesday, 8th September.

A truck driver, who has not been identified, filmed the scene after being informed that another lorry had stopped at a hard shoulder after having mechanical issues and was waiting for assistance.

Several drivers apparently confused the parked vehicle for a traffic jam on an exit lane and then started piling up creating a false traffic jam.

The video shows the moment the driver approaches the long line of cars after mentioning that “this is” what he was notified about earlier and then says: “Let’s see what people do”.

The driver starts giggling and honking his horn at them as he yells and taunts the stopped drivers. His giggles quickly turn into uncontrollable laughter as the line of cars continues.

The driver yells “Look at how stupid, man!” in the middle of his laughter and finally drives past the broken down lorry to cause the pile up as the video comes to a finish.

It is unclear how long they were stuck there or how they eventually found it was all a mixup.