Qatari Royals Yacht Crew Quarantined After COVID Test

The crew on board of this luxury yacht belonging to the Royal Qatari family have been ordered to remain in quarantine after a crew member tested positive for COVID-19.

It is unclear if there are any members of the royal family onboard, however, according to the local newspaper ‘Diario de Mallorca’ the “Qatari prince was in the yacht until Saturday”.

It added that “according to sources from the crew” he left the boat when the infected person “already showed symptoms”.

The luxury boat ‘Yasmine of the Sea’ is currently docked in the ‘Club del Mar’ yacht club in the city of Majorca located in the Spanish autonomous community of Balearic Islands since Sunday, 6th September.


According to a press statement issued by the yacht club, a crew member tested for the virus after presenting symptoms of a sore throat. But the “sailor is otherwise fine”, according to the same report.

The remaining 25 crew members have been placed in quarantine and were tested to confirm if any further infections occurred, however, there have been no reports on the results.

The yacht will remain docked while they wait for a protocol from the Foreign Health Office to find the best way to move forward.

The luxury boat made a stop in Ibiza in late July, also according to ‘Diario de Mallorca’.

The crew are waiting for the results of a counter analysis from the first sample to verify that the person does, in fact, have the virus.

Club del Mar staff have no direct contact with the crew members who only exit the yacht to dispose of rubbish.